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IncludeManager - A Visual C++ Include Graph Viewer Download

ProFactor IncludeManager Makes Sense

Integrated Visual C++ Include Graph Viewer

The perfect companion for Visual C++ developers, IncludeManager helps you understand and make sense of your #include file dependencies. Probably the longest standing real-world problem with C and C++ development, it's so easy for #includes to get out of hand, leaving you with a bewildering array of header files and ever-escalating compile times.

Make sense of it all: Visualise your project with IncludeManager's powerful and fully integrated live graphing system. Use the interactive display to navigate around your code, and use the live display to instantly visualise your changes.

Key Features

IncludeManager can show the #include graph of an entire project
Full Project Graph
* Fully Integrated

Visual Studio integration means there's no special setup needed, just install and go. IncludeManager understands and uses Visual Studio's built in solution, project and file include paths.

* Instant Graphs

View dependency graphs for any C or C++ source file with a single click. Even view an entire project's files by just selecting the project and clicking. The graph window is fully dockable so you can place it wherever best suits your working preferences.

* Fully Interactive

Click on a file in the graph and that file will open in the Visual Studio editor. Click on a connecting arrow in the graph and the file with the associated #include statement will open, highlighting the actual #include statement for you.

* Live Updating Display

IncludeManager's graphs aren't just static images, they precisely match the code editor as you type. Delete a #include statement from your code and the graph will immediately update to reflect your changes. You don't even need to save them to disk; just experiment with changes to rapidly help optimise your dependencies!

IncludeManager interactively updates as you edit your code
Live Interactive Display
IncludeManager helps you find compile bottlenecks
Finding An Expensive #Include
* Identify Bottlenecks

Get on top of your compile times with IncludeManager, by finding the files in your project that are the biggest compiler bottlenecks. Instantly see the most frequently included files, where they are included from, and what extra baggage they bring with them. You'll be amazed by how easy it is to find project hotspots with IncludeManager!

* See The Build Impact

Use the build impact graph to see a complete breakdown of the compiler's task compiling the file. The include graph is shown as a proportional tree, showing a full hierarchy of how many preprocessor tokens each included file brings in. This powerful tool will help pin-point the biggest compiler bottlenecks with its intuitive visual breakdown of each file's cost.

* Cross-reference

The build impact also shows on the include graphs themselves, with the same hierarchical approach to compile time estimation. This shows each included file's cost as a percentage of the fully processed source file, broken down into source code and included code.

IncludeManager shows the build impact of included files
Live Interactive Display
IncludeManager shows the dependency tree between projects
Finding An Expensive #Include
* View Cross-project Dependencies

Several projects or even entire solutions can be viewed as a set of interdependent projects, helping to identify where unnecessary project dependencies have crept in. The multi-project view is fully interactive too, allowing individual projects to be expanded in detail with a single click on the graph.

Files that aren't contained within a specific project are grouped together in a special 'unknown' project group, which can be minimised or expanded as necessary.

* Locate Includes

Ever wondered why a source file needs to be recompiled after you edited a seemingly unrelated header file? IncludeManager will highlight your header file on the graph, and every pathway that it's included from. You're able to click and view every #include statement that causes the dependency, directly from the highlighted graph. Files in the graph can be located easily with the instant interactive search box too: Just type the first few letters of the file name and IncludeManager highlights the matching files for you as you type.

* Storable

Save graphs in a variety of image formats, or print them from within Visual Studio for a useful hardcopy.

* Configurable

Configurable graph displays, allowing you to choose your own personal colours, graph orientations and rendering styles.

IncludeManager allows you to answer the question: How did this file get included?
Include Paths
IncludeManager shows the dependency tree between projects
Finding An Expensive #Include
* Analyse Dependencies in Detail

Use IncludeManager's detailed tabulated view to sort through large projects. All of the data generated by the preprocessor is exposed here to help pinpoint the most expensive areas of a project. Sort the list to find the files that are included most, or have the highest impact on the whole build.

The butterfly view tabulates the precise details of a single file's includes, listing the exact locations of each dependency to and from the file. Like every other IncludeManager feature, the butterfly view is fully interactive: The dependency tree can be traversed by double-clicking the entries in each of the file lists.

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