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ProFactor StyleManager Your Code: Your Way.

Integrated C++ Source Code Formatting Solution

ProFactor StyleManager is a powerful, flexible, easy-to-use C++ source code formatter.

StyleManager - the best choice for C++ source code formatting

StyleManager integrates directly into the Visual Studio .NET IDE making it the most user-friendly source code reformatter available. StyleManager's unique parsing technology gives it support for a comprehensive and unique list of style choices.

Your Code: Your Way - increase your productivity and team cohesion with StyleManager.

Key Features

StyleManager has a comprehensive list of style choices
Fully Configurable
* Fully Integrated

StyleManager's flexible and easy-to-use interface integrates directly within the Visual Studio .NET IDE, allowing you to manage and customize styles within a powerful visual style editing environment, and rapidly apply formatting changes according to individual preference.

* Highly Configurable

A comprehensive set of styling options, including brace, pointer and bracket positioning, word-wrapping, member alignment, template parameters, expression formatting and many more means StyleManager can pretty print your code to look exactly as you want it. (More details)

* Interactive Customizer

Design your style interactively with the Style Customizer. Take some of your own code and watch how how StyleManager's many options affect how it looks in real time. Tweak your style until it looks exactly right, then save it and apply it to your whole code base.

* Project Restyling

Inherited someone else's code? Or maybe you've recently adopted a new coding style - either way StyleManager is ideal. With a single click you can apply your style to an entire project at once. (Formatting examples)

StyleManager allows you to interactively modify your style
Interactive Customization

Command-line Restyling

For even more power, StyleManager has a command-line client to allow you to automate restyling into your build process. You'll never have to see an ugly piece of code again!

More information

Learn more about source code formatting and how StyleManager can change the way you maintain code. You can also check out StyleManager's key features, or take a look at some examples and screenshots of StyleManager in action.

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